CatRoomOur kennel opened in 2004. All of our guests are provided with blankets, beds, toys, regular mealtimes and love. The cats enjoy the benefits of a sunny cat-room with natural light. Our canine guests have the option of staying in small, medium or large kennels, and enjoy three “outings” per day in our outdoor dog runs.

Pets needing specialized care benefit from our veterinary staff’s medical knowledge and attention, a great advantage to boarders with known medical conditions or strict medication schedules.

Call us 505-466-0650 or email us for more information or to schedule a reservation.

Also print and complete our Boarding Release Form – Click Here.

Boarding Kennel Rates

4×6 suite $34.96 (each additional dog) $26.22 ($61.18 for two)
4×7 suite $35.57 (each additional dog) $26.67 ($62.24 for two)
5×7 suite $39.21 (each additional dog) $29.41 ($68.62 for two)

Cat Condo $27.05 (each additional cat) $20.29 ($47.34 for two)

All above rates are charged per night.

An additional $5 per day per pet is charged for pets who require more than four medications per day.


Family rate (4 or more animals) additional 10% off

Extended stay (14 or more days in a row) additional 5% off.

boardingWe ask that all animals be up-to-date on vaccinations, and dogs up-to-date on Bordetella. Vaccines required for dogs are Rabies, DA2PPV and Bordatella. Vaccines required for cats are Rabies and FVRCP. If your dog or cat is not current on these vaccines, our veterinarians would be happy to examine and vaccinate your pet for an additional charge.

Dog Walking

The Eldorado Animal Clinic is now offering dog walking services in our quiet neighborhood and along neighboring trails. Our experienced staff will gladly join your furry friend for some exercise and fresh air, in addition to three outside runs daily. Ask our staff for more details.

20 minute walk for one dog $17.99

20 minute walk for second dog (same household) $5.00.

Average one walk per day for four consecutive days while boarding, and get a $2 per walk discount on all walks during your dog’s stay with us.

Eldorado Animal Clinic Dog Walking Policies:

All dogs must pass a behavior evaluation, be spayed/neutered, and have up-to-date Rabies, Distemper, Parvo ad Bodetella vaccinations before participating in our walking service. We cannot accomodate dogs that do not play well with others, or who have behavioral issues while on a leash.

Each dog will be fitted with one of our walking harnesses as well as a collar and leash for extra safety

We also ask that owners fill out a dog-walking release form.