The Eldorado Animal Clinic Cancer And Palliative Care Center

SAMSUNGThere comes a time in all our lives when a cure for a life-threatening disease is no longer possible. This includes cancer, but is certainly not limited to it. Heart disease, liver disorders, kidney failure, severe degenerative joint disease, and even just advanced age are all conditions that deserve compassionate palliative care guidance and assistance by your veterinarian.

Our goal is to design a palliative care and/or hospice program for you and your beloved companion. You will learn about your pet’s condition, what to expect, and all the ways available to ensure the highest quality of comfort available. We will discuss with you a quality of life scale to help you maintain your relationship with your pet, while at the same time alleviating doubts, feelings of guilt, or other concerns about your ability to care for your beloved companion. Our team is wholly committed to your pet’s comfort and happiness, and equally important, to supporting and validating your family’s needs and well being during the care-giving period.

Home care visits can be scheduled on a regular intervals to assess your pet’s well being, and provide guidance and assistance in “comfort-care”. If your friend is comfortable, you may well find the entire process is a cherished bond-enhancing experience. When it becomes clear that quality of life can no longer be maintained at home, our care team can help guide you to making those important end-of-life decisions.